The History of iLounge Rentals

The Creation of iLounge Rentals

iLounge exists because of two hard working fathers that brought it to life. With the help of Josh's father, Manuel De La Cruz which owns a furniture manufacturing plant in the city of Vernon, California which was a blessing of its's own ... but that's another story for another day. Josh began to brainstorm the designs of the sofas to rent out.... but HOLD THE PHONE HERE!

The Light-bulb That Set Off!

How is it that the idea came into play? That's the main question. Josh's good friend Cruz introduced him to Jessie which became good friends as well, Jessie told Josh, why don't you start a lounge furniture rental store and I can introduce you to your first client. So, that was the ignition to the rental company now known as iLounge Rentals. Now, back to the two working fathers.

Who's Father is Who?

The first father is the father of the second father. Manuel, the father helped his son by building him all of the furniture he needed to get started at no charge what so ever and expected nothing in return. Now father #2 (Josh) is now pushing the envelope and making iLounge Rentals a community brand store to rent from. With the help of the family, Manuel, Tony, Daisy and Liz, Josh works on the daily to give his son a better life just like his father did for him.

Enjoy this Photo: Here is the first ever rental gig iLounge Rentals ever had 2012.