Q & A

Questions & Answers

Q1. Can you provide these services for my city?
A1. We currently deliver to the following cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.
Q2.  What is a walk through?
A2. We meet at the venue that your event will take place, analyze and design a layout for your needs for FREE.
Q3. What is Insured Lounge Protection?
A3. If the items are scratched, burned, torn, or stained iLounge Rental will NOT charge you for any damages.
Q4. Does the Insured Lounge Protection cover tables and pillows? 
A4. Yes, all items are covered.
Q5. If Furniture or other equipment is lost, does the Insured Lounge Protection cover that?
A5. No, we will charge you three times the initial cost of the item at the item's single value if packaged.