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Most people have never rented lounge furniture for an event and it's their first time and that's okay...Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers in relation to the renting of lounge furniture in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Q1. Can you provide these lounge rental services for my city?
A1. We currently deliver to the following cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas. (Lounge Shipping Charges Will Vary) 
Q2.  Can I exchange a lounge or table piece from the rental package?
A2. Packages can be broken up and swapped but the price will be full retail per item charge and not the special discounted package.
Q3. What is Insured Lounge Protection?
A3. If the items are minor scratches, minor tears, or minor stains iLounge Rental will NOT charge you for any minor damages like the other companies do.
Q4. Does the Insured Lounge Protection cover tables and pillows? 
A4. Yes, all items are covered.
Q5. If Furniture or other equipment is lost, does the Insured Lounge Protection cover that?
A5. No, we will charge you three times the initial cost of the item at the item's single value if packaged. 
Q6. Are your Sofa's outdoor friendly?
A6. Yes, our rental furniture is outdoor friendly.
Q6. How much is Shipping?
A6. Depends on the quantity you rent.