How Do I Know How Much Lounge Rental Furniture I Need At My Party?

Picture of white lounge sofas with blue accent pillows

Image Description: 1 Left Arm Rental Sofa, 1 Right Arm Rental Sofa, 1 Corner Sofa that makes the sectional and two armless luxury rental sofas. Lets not forget the 4 blue accent rental pillows and 3 ottoman rental cubes.

Now, Lets run with this example setup from the photo listed above. This type of set up would be good to accommodate about a party of 25-30 people, but it depends on the type of party it's going to be as well and what other seating arrangements you have already made or plan on doing, like tables and chairs.

You should never expect to seat everyone unless you are running a concert where people have to be seated or a pizza party. For the most part a good party never has everyone sitting. You need the people socializing, dancing, and living it up. If it's a small pizza party or baby shower you would have to sit all of the guests. Lets make a list of possible parties and reasonable attendance. 

The package above would be perfect for an event such as:

Small Wedding - Expected Attendance 20-35 people

Quinceanera - Expected Attendance 20-35 people

Bridal Shower - Expected Attendance 10-20 people

Bachelorette Party - Expected Attendance 10-20 people

Pizza Party - Expected Attendance 10-12 people (exact seating needed)

Baby Shower - 10-12 people (exact seating needed)


These are just a few samples, if you would like to speak to an expert in lounge rental furniture please call 424-888-3960 or email us at