Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Feel Free to Email us any question not answered below:

What if the furniture gets stained, ripped, or minor damage?

One great advantage with us, is that you don't have to worry about it. We have you covered for any minor damages to our furniture.

Do you rent lounge furniture for more than 1 day?

Yes, we rent out our furniture for weekends, weekdays or even monthly.

What distance is the furthest you will travel?

Traveling is not an issue, contact us for shipping rates for more than 2 hour drive.

Do you set the furniture once you deliver it?

Of course! We will handle all of the setting for the furniture and clean each piece.


What is needed to hold a date?

We will need a 50% deposit in order to hold any date.

What if I have to cancel the event?

Cancellation will result in two options.

  1. You loose your 50% deposit
  2. You can choose to reschedule a different event with same amount of furniture. (Event must be no longer than 30 days of initial rental date)